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Stars and Signs II was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who made it possible. For those who were unable to make the SSII tour, (and those interested in going again!) there will be a Stars and Signs III tour for 2003. More information is available at the Stars and Signs website.

And here it is - the schedule you have all been waiting for. Those who couldn't make it last year - don't worry, we're still going to the same amazing places - and more! Those who did come last year, any regular traveller to Egypt will tell you, it's never the same twice. And to everybody - if this sounds wonderful, believe me, it's only the half of it. Mohamed Nazmy, President of Quest Travel, is a master magician, and colorful rabbits pop out of the hat wherever we go.

Richard Fusniak: fusniakr@hotmail.com
Jon Ralls: upuaut@starsandsigns.com

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In 1992, we met Mohamed Nazmy, who was the land agent on our tour to Egypt. At that time, he was the sales manager for Sphinx Tours. What was clear from the start was that noone could ever pay Mohamed enough to serve the people in the very special, over-the-top way that he did. No requests were too little or too great for him, and no participant was ever left out of his net of care, because serving people on the tour was his greatest happiness.

Whether arranging a midnight camel ride or special entry into a sacred site when it is not open to the public, or just making sure that everyone feels seen and loved, Mohamed makes tourism a sacred spiritual practice.

After several years of strong encouragement from Shamanic Journeys, Mohamed took the leap and opened his own travel company. Now he is able to offer quality and love in every aspect of his operation. Not only do his clients benefit, but his employees and partner do as well, for each receiving a percentage of ownership in his new company, called Quest Travel.

At the end of every tour, our travelers have wanted to acknowledge the graciousness and professionalism of Mohamed's work. When he worked for Sphinx, we used to pass an envelope for him (which we recently learned he gave to others). Now as owner and President of Quest Travel, he is commanding a greater arena in the travel business. As his stature grows with his success, it is evident that our participants desire a way to acknowledge him as well as make a contribution to the people of Egypt. As a result, Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., under the auspices of Sahali Publishing, a non-profit foundation that Nicki shares with two of her friends, has opened the The Heart to Heart Fund. This charitable fund will raise money to help people and organizations in Egypt that Mohamed would like to support in an ongoing way. The funds raised by Shamanic Journeys and its travelers will go into a special account and be disbursed to charitable groups selected by Mohamed and given in his name. This will not only give those of us who love and honor him a way to show our gratitude, but it gives all of us who benefit so greatly from these journeys a way to make a more lasting contribution for the benefit of our beloved Egypt.

If you have had the good fortune to have traveled with Mohamed, you know what a blessing he is...

For further info, please call: 1-800-937-2991 or e-mail Nicki at nscully@shamanicjourneys.com.

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from Quest tours recently guided Maureen St Germain's group, of which I was a member, around Egypt. I have deliberately waited a couple weeks before responding as I felt a letter well after the "afterglow" would mean more than one immediately after the tour. Your attentiveness to our needs, wants and details was truly astounding. In recent years I have become a veteran tour connoisseur and yours passes the five star test hands down. There are no requests or suggestions as your tour, guiding, creativity and special attention to detail are beyond any expectation. I was constantly amazed how you tailor made experiences "on the spot" at the request or whim of any or all of us participants. Thank you for the insistence of adding the Red Sea at the end of the tour. Those coral reefs and its inhabitants were a new best experience for me and the wonderful relax after our very extensive touring was a wonderful wind down. Egypt will always remain in a very special place in my heart. Till we meet again, much love and respect.

Doris Kay Halstead

Client Testimonial Set Via Email to Quest Travel

July 9, 2005

Dear Mohamed,

Your hospitality on our recent trip to Egypt was very much appreciated. I have traveled to many different parts of the world and have never been treated with the kindness and the warmth that that you, your staff and the Egyptian people showed towards my wife and I. Going to Egypt was the fulfillment of a desire I have had since childhood, I have always been fascinated with Egyptian history and while in college minored in Archeology. To be honest I had put that desire aside because of all the conflicts in recent years in the Middle East and a perception that Americans were not welcomed in your part of the world. I am very happy that I went and that my perception was wrong when it comes to Egypt. Many friends have asked me about our trip to Egypt, all having indicating their desire to see your country, all having the same concerns I had about going. They were all surprised when I told them it was by far the most enjoyable and interesting trip I had ever taking in my life. They all followed up with “didn’t you feel as if you were in danger, that the people in the country hated you”, and again they were surprised at my response that I felt not only safe but I felt that the people truly cared about my well being and wanted my journey to be the best it could be. I guess we owe much of this perception to the why the media only portrays a small incomplete part of every story.

Mohamed many of the trips experiences will always be in my heart and mind, but one of the most memorable ones was the stop we made at the memorial and tomb of Anwar el-Sadat, certainly the memorial was a beautiful tribute to a great man, but it was your words and your emotion as you spoke about him to us that made a lasting impression on me and a desire to learn more about his life. When I returned to the states I went to purchase his autobiography “In Search of Identity”, only to find that it is not in print any longer in the US. I fortunately was able to find a book dealer selling a copy that was in perfect condition on line. I found the book very interesting and it clearly should that Sadat was a man of peace. Two beliefs that Sadat maintained were significant to his ability to always seek peace:

“There is no happiness for people at the expense of other people”

“There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.”

It is unfortunate that his life was cut short by a violent act; your part of the world may have been saved much of the turmoil it is experiencing today if he had lived to become the great peacemaker of the region.

One other item that I reflected on after I read the book was the warmth that we received from all of your staff. Anwar in writing to our President Nixon late in 1970 wrote “As it is the law of nature for each action to have a reaction, a good move by you will be met by dozen good moves by us, and vice versa.” You, Emil, Fathi and Hatem showed this philosophy many times by reacting to our positive reactions with many more positive reactions.

I thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful and lasting experiences your trip provided us and hope someday to visit with all of you again. If you or any of your staff are ever in our part of the world please give us a call, Monica and I would love to see you and return the hospitality you have shown us. You live in a truly wonderful country with a tremendous history. I wish you and all your people health, happiness and peace.

You’re Friend,

Mike Pratt


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