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Below is helpful advice for anyone traveling to Egypt.

Egypt is a country of contrasts, old and new blending together, this can be seen everywhere on a daily basis. Truly a country rich in history and culture.  Prices are reasonable, although they do fluctuate with the seasons and supply and demand. The people are friendly and hospitable, and crime is rare.

To help you better understand what to expect and to ensure you get the most out of your trip we are providing some traveler information that we hope will assist you in your journey. Go with an open mind to the lifestyle and culture and the experience will be memorable and rewarding.

Packing Advice

In order to respect the culture it is recommended that you wear conservative clothing no short shorts, or see-through clothing. Conservative clothing is the preferred wearing apparel. Head coverings are not required for the churches or mosques but you will be given a cloak or wrap to wear if your arms or legs are exposed.

Luggage Restrictions or Delay

You are limited to two checked bags not to exceed 50 pounds each and one carry on item.  (Seventy pounds on international flights - check with your carrier for details) These limits are strictly adhered to and baggage fees can be assessed.

Sometimes if a connection has been missed, or due to bad weather during your journey, baggage may be delayed.

So that you can enjoy your tour and sightseeing without worrying about calling airlines etc., our agents track luggage for you. Once it is found and delivered to the airport, depending where you are, it is sometimes quicker to send our agent and van to pick it up and deliver it to your hotel to save further delays. We provide this as a service to save you further distress, and ask you to remember that if you have any concerns with the delay or the condition of your luggage you should contact the airline directly.

Bargaining & Shopping in Egypt
It should be noted that it is often more cost effective to book with a Tour Operator or Travel Agency with Egyptian contacts than it is to try to book independently.
If you do make any independent bookings on your own with hotels etc. please make certain you have full written confirmations.

If traveling independently using Guide Services will save you a great deal of time and money. The guide will negotiate rates on your behalf, and you won't be constantly hassled by the local service providers and street vendors. Guides aren't necessary for resort stays in Hurghahda or Sharm el Sheik.

If traveling with an escorted tour be sure to ask your guide for advice on buying. Check for quality and of course the final price you pay is your decision. Street Markets, food carts and small stores are everywhere, and the normal way of shopping in Egypt.

Unique Shopping items:

  • Gold Cartouche's with your name in hieroglyphics.

  • Papyrus Paintings - again you can have your name put on.

  • T-Shirts Egyptian Cotton with Egyptian logos or names in hieroglyphics.

  • Handmade Carpets and wall-hangings.

  • Egyptian Cotton items.

  • Alabaster Carvings.

  • Unique Perfume Essences

Note: Check over any purchases carefully, ask your guide for advice but the final price and quality of any articles you purchase are your own responsibility


Telephone Cards:
The Telephone system in Egypt is overloaded and antiquated. 4/5 Star Hotels will have direct line dialing and international service. Some hotels have data ports and even their own Internet Cafes, or you can hook up your laptop directly to the phone if you have an ISP service you can use.

We recommend purchasing an AT & T calling card before coming to Egypt as this is the most widely accepted way of placing International calls from Egypt.

You will find that while a tour you do not need local currency too often so we recommend that you only exchange small amounts as you need them.  Most places will accept American Dollars and major credit cards.

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